The art of perfume

We wear perfume for several reasons; to be appealing or attractive, to be in a good mood, feeling refreshed and even to give us self-confidence. Fragrances can evoke our personality, a memory or an emotion. In a sense, the fragrance is a card establishing an identity that lasts as long as the bottle is finished.

Some are attracted by warm and spicy notes, others are more comfortable with refreshing citrus notes or floral notes. A perfume is like an olfactory garment that determines our personality. Most extroverted often choose fragrances that have character and exude. More delicate personalities prefer a nice and sweet smell. A fragrance that smells good on our friend can be ordinary and even nasty on us. The components of the perfume interacts with the skin. So the smell of perfume on the same two people will be totally different . Dehydrated skin retain less fragrant molecules while oily skin permeate most of the smell. Hence the usefulness of scented lotion to complement our scent. Other factors may also come into and influence the smell of perfume. The diet, medication, hormones, etc … In short , every skin type its fragrance.

The perfume can also be selected according to the season in which it will be worn. So summer is the peak season for lighter fragrances and it will reverse for winter. Finding its fragrance requires several tries. When we are looking for a new fragrance, we must first identify our favorite notes. Then, when you choose the fragrance of your choice, spray a delicate touch on the neck, inside of wrists, neck and even under the earlobe for a more intimate dimension. These pulse points allow the fragrance to blossom benefit and create an enchanting chemistry with your skin. Let the fragrance open until a few hours to see how the scent develops on your skin. From there, you will know if the fragrance is yours …

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